Credit Risk

This is insurance that protects you against possible payment default by your debtors. If you are an exporter, an insurance policy would cover your domestic and international debtors.

Masumali Meghji Insurance Brokers Ltd. investigates each of your debtors and issues insurance coverage against potential payment default. Our credit insurance protects policy holders against payment failure due to bankruptcy, deteriorating financial circumstances or, if a specified buyer, payment extends beyond the credit period (protracted default).

Masumali Meghji Insurance Brokers Ltd. insures a credit period of up to one year. Masumalican also provide insurance to cover pre-shipment. This may be desirable if goods are being produced with a non-standard configuration for a specific client. Masumali Meghji Insurance Brokers Ltd. can also insure single obligors for tenors of up to 10 years.

Benefits of Credit Insurance

Credit insurance is a powerful business tool and your company will immediately benefit in the following ways:


Credit insurance gives the assurance of payment provided the exporter performs their part of the export contract i.e. to deliver the goods or services on time in agreement with the buyer’s specifications. As long as you operate within the terms, parameters and conditions of the insurance policy, it protects your cash flow by replacing cash, should any customer insolvency or payment default occur.


Credit insurance gives you the confidence to explore business opportunities you normally avoid for fear of non- payment. It allows you to aggressively seek new business opportunities through direct sales to new buyers because the credit insurance policy provides a tool to check the buyer’s creditworthiness.

Better Credit Terms:

Credit terms can be given to buyers if this is necessary to secure sales. You can improve the competitiveness of your product by offering better credit terms (e.g. open account vs cash in advance or letter of credit) to buyers under the protection of a policy. This reduces the buyer’s cost of doing business with you. Credit insurance can also assist with movement up the value chain, facilitating sales directly to buyers and capturing profits lost to intermediaries such as wholesalers and auctioneers.

Masumali Meghji Insurance Brokers Ltd is one of the largest independent Insurance Brokers in the Coastal Province, and has been serving the community for 30 years.

Company Overview...

Masumali Meghji Insurance Brokers Ltd is one of the largest independent Insurance Brokers in the Coastal Province, and has been serving the community for 30 years. Although our main focus is commercial and industrial covers, we also handle all aspects of personal insurance covers for all our clients. We enjoy support from all the major Kenyan Insurance Companies, and are registered Members of the Association of Insurance Brokers of Kenya (AIBK) and also affiliated with African Trade Insurance Agency Ltd (ATI) and can provide specialized covers such as Political Risks and Terrorism.

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